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friday favourite – s’well

About this time last year I raved about my new water bottle – the stainless steel Hydro Flask. While I still love it, it now has a little competition…Hydro Flask, meet S’well.


My good friend LKG gave me the S’well water bottle for my birthday. It’s similar to the Hydro Flask — stainless steel, keeps beverages hot or cold, doesn’t sweat — but it’s just a little more sophisticated! It’s as if your cool city-dwelling cousin came to visit and suddenly you feel a little shabby.

img_6466I think the Hydro Flask will be my hiking water bottle but the S’well, well it gets to be my yoga water bottle and it’s my friday favourite!


friday favourite: hydro flask

I like extremes when it comes to my beverages…

Coffee needs to be piping hot. Water needs to be icy cold.

I heat my milk before adding it to my coffee so it meets my temperature requirements.

Then I drink it. No interruptions, no conversation, just me and my scalding hot coffee.

Same is true for cold beverages. I want the glass filled with ice before I add a shot of gin for my G&T. When I’m exercising, I want cold water.

So, I was thrilled when I discovered the Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. No plastic to smell, no glass to break, just sturdy stainless steel. It has a wide mouth so I can add ice cubes, comes in all kinds of colours AND best of all, it doesn’t sweat! I can throw it in my bag and not ruin everything that the water bottle touches.

Walk 10,000 steps daily. Check. Thanks Fitbit.

Drink 64 oz of water daily. Check. Thanks Hydro Flask.