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friday favourite – A United Kingdom

I saw a preview for the movie A United Kingdom months ago and made a mental note to watch it sometime since it was about Africa. Then I forgot about it. While on my recent safari trip someone mentioned the movie and the fact that it was about Botswana. I had browsed Netflix for movies about Botswana before the trip but somehow this didn’t pop up. I watched it this week. It’s slow but it’s based on a true story and explains the beginning of independence for Botswana from Britain. Prince Seretse Khama of Bechuanaland (now Botswana) was studying law in Britain in the 1940s when he met Ruth Williams, a white British clerk. They married and received disapproval from all sides but persevered. (You can read more in the book A Marriage of Inconvenience by Michael Dutfield.)

Seretse Khama went on to become the first democratically elected President of the independent Botswana in 1966 and his son is the current President. It’s not gripping drama but it’s interesting history and would make for great viewing on some cold December night on the couch. It’s my friday favourite.



friday favourite – oscar party

I lucked out. I have friends who put on great parties. And this Sunday is one of the perennial favourites…the Oscar party. Invitees are each given the name of a best picture nominee and that is the inspiration for the food item we bring to the potluck dinner where we mostly cackle at the outfits. We introduce our dish – which is some of the best entertainment of the evening.

I have Bridge of Spies. Haven’t seen the movie, but that’s never stopped me. I’ll probably make a dish using spy apples and place it on a bridge for display.

Here are the petite pork pies I made for a stuttering monarch in The King’s Speech.

There’s still time to host your own mini Oscar party.