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layered veggie torte update

As promised, I made this last weekend. As predicted, it wasn’t difficult but took a fair amount of time. That might have to do with the fact that I decided to make my own breadcrumbs, or the slicing, oiling and salting both sides of all the vegetables.

It looked interesting but since the recipe didn’t have any egg or cheese between the layers, it didn’t really hold together when sliced. Everyone who ate it seemed to like it but who knows, they may just have been being polite! I wanted to love this, but it only gets a B+ from me.

I also made Roasted Feta with Honey which was way easier and more impressive. Try it! 8oz of feta drizzled with some olive oil, baked for 8 minutes at 400F, drizzled with honey, under the broiler and add some pepper. For the effort involved, the roasted feta wins, hands down!