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salmon nicoise

It takes a little time to prepare all the separate elements for this meal but the pay-off is it can all be done ahead of time and it looks and tastes spectacular. This has been my go-to meal for entertaining this summer.

I looked up an old recipe from Ina Garten just to remind me of all the ingredients. I bought  green beans and lettuce at the farmers market in the morning, salmon from the fish market and found the remaining ingredients in my kitchen!

The standard ingredients in a salad nicoise are:

green beans, hard boiled eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, tuna (or salmon), olives and capers.

I spread some pesto on the salmon pieces and baked them for about 20 minutes at 425F. Boil the potatoes, quickly steam the green beans and cut hardboiled eggs in quarters. Arrange everything on a large platter that has been covered with lettuce leaves. Liberally sprinkle capers over the ingredients. Drizzle my salad dressing over everything and serve with some fresh bread. Enjoy!




friday favourite – salad dressing

I realized the other day that I have never shared my salad dressing recipe on the blog. It is delicious and simple and it is all I ever use for everyday salads. Sorry for the delay – here it is in time for summer.

I have saved a couple small glass jars from capers or jam, and I pick up mini whisks every time I see them so I have no excuse for not making the dressing.

It has just four simple ingredients, so I have learned to keep the three that don’t need refrigeration all in the same cupboard with the jar and whisk.

Here it is: 4 tablespoons grapeseed oil, 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, 1 tsp dijon mustard, 1/2 tsp salt


That’s it! It makes just enough for the salad bowl we use. If I am really on my game, I make two batches so I have no excuses not to make salad the next night.