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new food ideas

So it’s Wednesday. And that usually means we have a food blog, an idea for dinner or a new recipe to share. Well, it’s also the middle of winter. Blah.

How are you meant to keep to ideas of balanced eating when it is dark and dingy and cocooning weather?

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to come up with a new food idea – which might just mean planning a meal before it’s 6 pm. It’s been on the night I see my trainer. It’s a good night to plan a healthful meal because I usually am craving chips on the way home from a workout.

This week I bought two pieces of marinated salmon, baked them in the toaster oven. I ate one the first night. And then tossed the second one with saut√©ed mushrooms, green onion, broccoli and red pepper with orzo, a little marinade sauce and white wine…and topped with a sprinkling of parmesan.

I still want chips, but looking for some new ways to eat a more balanced meal at least a few times a week.

Do you have any ideas for mid winter dishes?



salmon for dinner, again

I really don’t get tired of salmon for dinner and enjoy the search for more ways to prepare it. This week I tried a recipe from the NYTimes called Salmon and Tomatoes in Foil. It was incredibly simple and fun to make individual packets wrapped in foil.

I cooked two-1/2 lb pieces of salmon by putting olive oil on some foil, then the salmon, followed by some cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, salt & pepper and then another splash of olive oil. I sealed up the packets and placed them in a pan and followed the instructions for 10-12 minutes at 500 degrees. The only problem was they weren’t quite done and it’s a pain to open up the foil and realize it’s not fully cooked! Other than that, it was delicious and as the recipe states—the possibilities for food combinations are endless.

I made the kale-apple-carrot salad my sister wrote about last week, opened some white wine and together with the salmon had a delicious summer dinner!


salmon for dinner

Weeknight dinners need to be simple, reasonably healthy and taste good.

Salmon fits the bill in my house and I have several marinades I use.

I like the combination of sweet and savory on salmon so I mix maple syrup, soy sauce and ginger as a marinade. If I have sesame seeds I like to add a coating of seeds to form a nice crust.

Another great combination is equal parts of dijon mustard and brown sugar brushed on the salmon. I was out of brown sugar so I substituted maple syrup in the salmon below.

Once I have chosen a marinade, I bake the salmon for 15-20 minutes at 400F.

Last night I threw some grapefruit, avocado and pistachios in the salad and roasted some potatoes for a delicious dinner.

Simple, quick and healthy!