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friday favourite – black and white

Every time I go clothes shopping, a common refrain runs through my head…”try adding some colour.” Do you ever hear those same voices?

What my sister and I have discovered/accepted/embraced over the years is that black and white works. There is the occasional blue or green or shades of grey…but we are sticking with what works. And adding the colour in with jewelry, scarves and maybe even brighter lipstick (when we really live on the edge!).

I discovered Katrina’s Kloset, thanks to my friend Jeanine. She knows my wardrobe well because when she saw a black and white striped top on the mannequin – she thought of me.

So I got the black and white striped one, and a few more variations on the black with white, or white with black theme – and two black sweaters too.

Here’s my lineup of Friday Favourites…mostly thanks to Canadian-designer Joseph Ribkoff.



a few good pieces

There’s an interesting shift happening in our closets.


We have focused on what to wear for ever, like most of you. From the matching outfits our mother sewed for us, to Friday night’s spent sewing a new summer dress pattern. Some of them were flattering. But mostly I think of long, flowing, shapeless outfits. We probably liked it that way – don’t want to draw to much attention to an actual shape. Oh no.

And by the time we get comfortable in our own skin, we’re into our 4th or 5th decade and we look around the closet and realize that what really works is a few good pieces. A cut of pants that work. Tops of a certain length. Sweaters. Jewellery. A dress or two. Repeat.

It’s kind of what men have done for centuries. A suit that fits, a few white shirts and accessorize with the tie and socks.

But it’s not plain. It seems to be stylish and smart. And takes so much of the angst out of wandering through online pages or heaven forbid, the mall!

Here are some of favourite few pieces right now.

Krazy Larry pants and capris, just about anything from Lilla P , and everyday Ts and undershirts from UNI QLO



friday favourite – boots

I have a love/hate feeling towards boots. Love them. Hate trying to find ones that fit. This year, I think I hit the jackpot.

Burgundy Blundstones – stylish enough for work, practical for winter travel wear. And these Portuguese-made Bos & Co wool lined beauties. Great for deep snow and dog walking. I love the knitted patch on them.