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friday favourite – heather robinson travel

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Remember a few months ago when I posted about unexpected time off? My 12 week furlough with a potential for re-hire turned into a complete lay off and I was left with time on my hands. As I looked for work and thought about what I really like doing, I kept coming back to traveling and creating itineraries for my friends. So, with some help from my sister, I am launching Heather Robinson Travel and I am shamelessly naming it our friday favourite. You can learn more here. And if you want to read about some of the places I’ve been traveling, for ideas or inspiration, visit my travel blog – the way i travel.



friday favourite – italy

I just returned from 10 days in Italy, hiking around Lake Orta, Maggiore and Como, and a few days in Venice. I love Italy. It’s my Friday favourite.

I love the food and the attitude and the scenery. I love the pace of life and the fact that you have to ask for the bill at the end of the meal, otherwise you could sit there for hours. I love the tile floors and doorways, and even the laundry hanging out across the street seems artistic.

If you want to read more about my trip, check out my travel blog, the way I travel. Ciao!


friday favourite – the real cowbell

So, my sister is hiking in Italy. Killing me with the pictures. But really, I’m happy she is having a fantastic time. The food. The vistas. The wine.

But the best shot so far was this up close and personal cow, complete with a functioning, purposeful cowbell.


Which just begs for a link to this classic “more cowbell” SNL skit. A Friday favourite any day of the week.


friday favourite – adventure

Judith is a bright, funny, sassy 70-year-old woman that I met years ago in exercise class. We periodically meet for lunch – I always enjoy her insight and wisdom. Last week I opened the local paper and found an article about her upcoming adventure.

She joined the Peace Corps and is leaving for Uganda in a few weeks!


We met for lunch. I have a soft spot for the Peace Corps (and CUSO, the Canadian counterpart). I met my husband in Sierra Leone in 1983 when he was in Peace Corps and I was there with CUSO. We recently returned to Sierra Leone, you can read about it in my travel blog.

What a bold, courageous move for Judith. What an adventure. She is my Friday favourite!


travelling with (small) groups

When you travel with family, you know what you get. It has taken me to places I wouldn’t necessarily have made it on my own. Hiking in Cinque Terre. Riding the gondola in Venice. And eating cheese fondue in Gruyere, Switzerland.

It’s great when you find friends you can travel with too.

I just got back from an annual golf/no golf trip to Naples, Florida. I golf a little, but love the bird watching at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary so much more. And it works with this group.

I travel with another group of friends to cottages to work on our bridge technique and logging more hiking miles.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that make travelling in small groups work so well – with family or friends.

  • Talk about what everyone might want to do, before you go. Not to plan every second, but to have a basic idea of what might happen each day.
  • Pool the money. On most group trips I do, somebody pays for each expense (groceries, lunch, liquor store, car rental) and we add it all up at the end and divide evenly.
  • Know what you need. It’s taken me a long time to realize I need the first few days of my holiday to work on unwinding. I know I don’t want to be really busy, not every day. Figure out what will make your vacation a memorable one for you, and balance it with what the group is doing.
  • Keep the group small. Well, that’s just our preference. Multiples of four work well. And every new group of four usually means another rental car (depending on where you are).
And always leave time for impromptu activities…like sunset on the beach.