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It’s happening again…spring! I know, it comes around every time, like clockwork. I was reading some of the spring blogs we posted last year – and here I go again with how much I love the spring season.

I was walking the dog on the weekend at a local conservation area (and my sister was hiking here) and I was thinking about how great it would be if spring lasted a little longer. When you still need a light jacket, maybe rubber boots even. And all around everything is waking up (including the walker and her dog) after the cold, dark winter.

Wild leeks and tiger lilies are the first greenery that’s up in the bush. Streams and creeks are flowing with clear, cool water. Tree swallow pairs are filling up the nesting boxes. And red-wing blackbirds are chortling in last year’s cattails.

And when I get home, I opened all the doors and windows wide to push all the dog hair to one side of the room – and flush out the stale air for some fresh, new, still-bug-free springtime oxygen.

What’s your favourite season?


first of the season

Spring-time inspiration hit this past weekend. Whatever it is that you love about the spring, this was the weekend to get started.

speyside woods

For me, it’s hiking. I love the anticipation and planning out the trail. We headed out first thing Sunday morning for about an 8 km loop on the Bruce Trail. We hit the jackpot with the first perfect day we’ve had this year for hiking. No bugs. Blue sky. Cool in the morning. Summertime warmth when we finished up.

I love watching the first plants pop through the forest floor. There were coltsfoot, hepatica and trout lilies just popping out. And I even found a few wild leeks, but they need a bit more time to grow before I harvest them for this.

There is something pretty perfect about getting back outside in the spring. What’s your first of the season favourite?