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breaking out of the slumps

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front the last few weeks. I doubt we’re alone in this slight slump. Anybody else feeling it? That winter-is-almost-over, longer-days-are-almost-here kinda thing.

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing to try and haul our sorry butts out of the winter doldrums.

  1. Take a gentle yoga class.
  2. Take a drive and look for migrating swans and ducks.
  3. Fake it and make a summer salad full of grated veggies.
  4. Give yourself a day (or two) on the couch to just watch mindless stuff.
  5. Sign up for an online course.
  6. Keep moving.

More soon. We promise.



a real winter

Okay, I might just be speaking for myself – after all,┬ámy blogging sidekick sister is in the Caribbean – but I love a real winter. The whole deal. Snow banks, down coats, handknit socks, beef stew, fireplaces.


This winter started off with promise. I shoveled my new driveway several times (probably cursing the whole time but I’ve forgotten that part). Then it rained. Then there was freezing rain. Then it just got stupid with spring-like mud everywhere.

I am sure winter isn’t done with us yet. I just need more of the white stuff to lighten up the still-dark mornings and make way for slip-free walking. Maybe even cross-country skiing if the stars align.

Anybody out there with me on this?!