friday favourite – ice cream

I don’t usually keep ice cream in the house. I think the deep seeded memories of plowing through a tub of Haagen-Dazs made me realize that it never stops at one small scoop.

But I buckled recently and am sooo glad I did. I was having friends for dinner and thinking of something cool and simple for dessert…and there it was.

A beautiful cube of locally crafted ice cream with packaging as delicious as the salted caramel flavour waiting inside. It didn’t last long enough for a photo. And the melted remnants of my little slab of sweet and salty goodness just didn’t make for good photography.

Check. This. Out. (or something like it in your town). Four All ice cream is my Friday favourite!


4 thoughts on “friday favourite – ice cream

  1. Peggy

    Silly me …. I jumped immediately to the Four All site, thinking I could stop there on my way home from work today. Oh, yah, it’s Jane writing, not Heather. #oops


  2. PRD

    Claire bought some of their ice cream, because the flavour was called Material Squirrel–couldn’t resist! Unfortunately she took it home before I got the chance to eat it for her.
    Now I’m inspired to get some for myself.



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