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public library

I have been on the board of our local library foundation for the past six years and helped with the planning of the signature fundraising event – A Celebration of Authors.

Each year we invite four authors to participate in a panel discussion. They tend to be from New England since we have a small budget for travel. This year we had Anita Diamant, Joseph Finder, Lily King and Ann Leary. It is a terrific event and I would encourage you to attend author events if your library or local college host them. Then borrow their books from the library.

It’s fascinating to learn a little about the inner workings of a writer…how they motivate themselves, where they get their inspiration, and what they like to read! Our event has a terrific moderator who asks interesting and unusual questions that makes it a great evening. Over the years I have listened to at least 15 authors at the Celebration of Authors and it makes reading their work so much richer.

Support your library!


coffee and community

I haven’t been to the local library for years. I have a healthy obsession with buying books at the local independent bookstore in town.

I found my way back to the library a few weeks ago on a Wednesday morning. Lots has changed. Like the grocery store and Home Depot there is a now a self-checkout.

And better still, I can grab a cup of java, served up by an amazing and inspiring local project call J.O.E. Watch their short video here.

coffee bubbles

I’ve become a regular again at the library. For the books, the jokes and java from the J.O.E. folks, and just to sit and watch a little slice of the local community happen.


friday favourite – FeedFive

I just learned about this project – feedfive.ca – an innovative approach to funding and feeding folks in need of a good, home-cooked meal in a local community. Every t-shirt they sell provides enough money to buy the ingredients to make five full meals to feed five people.

I want to buy one for everyone I know. I love the simplicity of the premise, the website, the story and the t-shirt. And how something so simple creates the possibility to have such a profound impact.

Wouldn’t this be a great initiative in your community?