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friday favourite – instagram

I know. Instagram certainly isn’t new, it’s been around for nearly six years. But it is new to me. My techie sis was on it waaaay before me.

There’s something very appealing about the eye candy that is posted there. Sketching ideas, amazing travel photography, nature and of course, food and pets. It’s such a nice reprieve from the drama on FB and Twitter feeds I have to follow for work.

Here are a few of our Friday favourites on Instagram – Liz Steel Art and Punkodelish.


friday favourite – goldens

There really is only one dog breed that joins our family. There were always two golden retrievers (a white face one and younger pup) lying by the fireplace when we were growing up. And as adults, we’ve gone through our share of goldens. Here’s a nod to Duchess, Honey, Lucy, Roxy, Linus, Conor, Zenga, Rufus, Max, Cooper, Ruby, Duffy and so many more.

If you have an instragram account, check out retrieverstagram for a daily smile!