friday favourite – fivefork farms

My spring flower share just started last week and it is such a great way to welcome spring! Fivefork Farms displays  a passion for growing,  arranging, and selling flowers that makes it a treat to go to the market and pick up my share each week. I usually end up buying more flowers…they are my friday favourite!



It’s happening again…spring! I know, it comes around every time, like clockwork. I was reading some of the spring blogs we posted last year – and here I go again with how much I love the spring season.

I was walking the dog on the weekend at a local conservation area (and my sister was hiking here) and I was thinking about how great it would be if spring lasted a little longer. When you still need a light jacket, maybe rubber boots even. And all around everything is waking up (including the walker and her dog) after the cold, dark winter.

Wild leeks and tiger lilies are the first greenery that’s up in the bush. Streams and creeks are flowing with clear, cool water. Tree swallow pairs are filling up the nesting boxes. And red-wing blackbirds are chortling in last year’s cattails.

And when I get home, I opened all the doors and windows wide to push all the dog hair to one side of the room – and flush out the stale air for some fresh, new, still-bug-free springtime oxygen.

What’s your favourite season?


matzo brei

My husband is Jewish, I’m not and while we don’t keep Passover (when you don’t eat leavened bread), I do make a pretty decent chicken soup with matzo balls.

We hosted a seder this past weekend for Passover, and I had to buy matzo. My grocery store decided not to sell individual boxes this year, so I had to buy 5 – 1lb boxes of matzo! That’s a lot of matzo. I made everyone take some home but there is still a box on the counter.


What do you do with all that matzo? You make matzo brei, a dish of Ashkenazi Jewish origin made from matzo fried with eggs.You don’t really need a recipe, I learned how to make it from my aunt Sondra who soaked the matzo in milk, added brie cheese and fried it in lots of butter. It was delicious. I make it every spring when I want to finish off the box of matzo. I don’t think of it during the year but find myself looking forward to it during Passover.  Here is a recipe from Food Network if you are curious to try it.


friday favourite – heather robinson travel

Heather Robinson_Travel Logo_Tag

Remember a few months ago when I posted about unexpected time off? My 12 week furlough with a potential for re-hire turned into a complete lay off and I was left with time on my hands. As I looked for work and thought about what I really like doing, I kept coming back to traveling and creating itineraries for my friends. So, with some help from my sister, I am launching Heather Robinson Travel and I am shamelessly naming it our friday favourite. You can learn more here. And if you want to read about some of the places I’ve been traveling, for ideas or inspiration, visit my travel blog – the way i travel.



cooking on sundays

It might be the best spring-like day we’ve had this year. After tiring the dog out on a long walk this morning, I opened the doors and windows and started to cook. I have had a good turnover rate lately for the eating through the food I cook on the weekends and pack away in single serving meals for lunch and dinner.

After the line was full of laundry – the first wind-dried sheets of the year! – I started prepping and filling the kitchen counters with ingredients.

steamed broccoli, sautéed mushrooms, grated cheddar, some frozen tomato sauce and frozen diced tomatoes…and more turned into

smoked maple pork chili

broccoli, ham and cheddar quiche, and broccoli, mushroom and gorgonzola quiche

It’s one way to help the work week get off to a great start…the promise of tasty meals just a freezer drawer away.

Have a great week whatever is on the menu!


friday favourite – cougars

Got your attention, didn’t I?! Sorry, this post is not about the type of cougar that means an older woman looking to score a younger man! It’s about a boot made by a company called Cougar!

I was visiting my family last weekend in Guelph and learned about these Canadian waterproof boots from my mom. I picked up these red ones at a great shoe store in Elora, ON.


What a fun way to deal with wet spring weather. Apparently the company has been around for 60+ years making winter footwear with temperature rated insulation. I love their tagline –   Get Into Outside.


friday favourite – headline coffee

This Fairtrade coffee subscription caught our eye this week and is our friday favourite.

Headline Coffee is a delivery service of the Toronto Star, a daily newspaper, based on the fact that coffee and the morning paper are a good combination.

They source the beans from Fairtrade certified producers all across the globe, roast the beans in Toronto then ship them out to subscribers (only in Canada.)

Sounds like an easy way to taste some great coffee!