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friday favourite – Polestar Hearth bakery

I love supporting local, independent businesses wherever I possibly can. I don’t have anything against large corporations – we need all kinds of enterprises for a healthy economy.

But there’s something about local that gives me the kind of connection I love as part of a community. So when I saw a local Indiegogo campaign for Polestar Hearth bakery, I jumped right in. I love their bread and they do a great job of marketing.


The t-shirt and cloth bread bag I’m going to get with their woodcut logo is definitely going to be a Friday favourite.



friday favourite – FeedFive

I just learned about this project – feedfive.ca – an innovative approach to funding and feeding folks in need of a good, home-cooked meal in a local community. Every t-shirt they sell provides enough money to buy the ingredients to make five full meals to feed five people.

I want to buy one for everyone I know. I love the simplicity of the premise, the website, the story and the t-shirt. And how something so simple creates the possibility to have such a profound impact.

Wouldn’t this be a great initiative in your community?